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Company Background

NPX Designs1 founder Dr. John Jacobsen worked as a computer programmer and consultant from his first student days in the 1980’s at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He worked as a researcher on the LEP Aleph experiment at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland in the early 90s and then returned to earn his Ph.D. in physics at UW-Madison. He has worked in the field of high energy neutrino astronomy since 1991. He also studied art in the graduate program at UW, and created the first one-person online art show in 1993.

John Jacobsen at the South Pole

In 1998, while a computer engineer at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Dr. Jacobsen founded John Jacobsen IT Services, assisting a variety of clients with Web design, network configuration and software engineering. This entity was incorporated as NPX Designs, Inc. in 2004, and has expanded by bringing additional manpower to projects on an as-needed basis.

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NPX Designs is an insured Illinois S-Corporation.

1NPX is the international call sign for the radio station at the South Pole. The base at the Pole was originally run by the US Navy; the letter N is typically used as a prefix for radio stations used by the US Navy: 4 letters for ships, 3 letters for land stations. NPX is still used occasionally as shorthand for the Amundsen-Scott station at the South Pole. Thanks to Bob Morse for this information.