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Data Acquisition System for Digital Sensors on the AMANDA Project

Created Linux device driver and complete client/server based application set in C and Perl to configure, test and operate prototype string of digital sensors deployed at the South Pole. The resulting prototype became the baseline for the technical design used subsequently in the much larger IceCube Project.

Martin A. Pomerantz Observatory, site of the AMANDA neutrino detector from 1993 to 2009.

AMANDA Data Transfers via Satellite

Created a system for collecting data from the AMANDA detector and shipping data via TDRSS satellite to northern hemisphere. System was used for nearly ten years.

Neutrino Data Mining

Used a massively-parallel Cray supercomputer at NERSC to reduce a multi-terabyte data set down to a sample of events enriched in neutrinos, resulting in the discovery of the first gold-plated neutrino events discovered by the AMANDA detector.

Other Experimental Physics Projects

  • Aleph detector on the LEP e+/e- collider at CERN: developed neural network technique to discriminate b-jets from gluons and light quarks
  • Haleakala Gamma Ray Observatory: carried out pulsar searches in cosmic ray data
  • E735 high-Pt experiment at Fermilab: created numerical simulation of muon tracking chamber
  • COS-B gamma ray satellite: carried out search for bursting of gamma ray emission from pulsars